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Cheryl Mead

Cheryl Mead, Wicked Homes Australia Pty Ltd

Wellness Inspired Constructive Knowledge & Environmental Design that’s naturally good for you is why it’s WICKED

The WICKED concept simply embraces healthy building science, natural selection and evolutionary thinking to gain lifetime benefits.


Preliminary planning and design – passive design and a lower environmental footprint

New home building and refurbishments

Product selection – Material specifications

Healthy building and construction methods

EMF/EMR Audits & Pre-purchase/Rental inspections

Mould Testing & Healthy Home Audits

Geobiology Site & Home Assessments


Advanced Diploma of Building Biology
Diploma Business Management
Local Government experience
30+ years experience working in the building industry


Victoria and Tasmania
Sydney NSW on demand

Website: wickedhomes.com.au

Phone: 0487 633 771

ASBB Committee Member: Membership Officer 2016 – March 2019