Author: Lucinda Curran

EMF Shielding paintEMF Shielding is a tricky job and it is important to take the time to get it right.

What is “EMF Shielding”?

EMF stands for “electromagnetic fields.”

EMF Shielding is a method of protecting you from a source of EMF, and there are many ways to do this.

Different Types of EMF

As there are multiple types of EMF, it is important to understand what is going on and to match it to the correct shielding method. This is where a skilled Building Biologist is important, not just a salesperson. Here is a very simplistic list of three  types of EMF.

AC ELF magnetic fields (these are from your household wiring and appliances) are extremely difficult to shield. Distance is your key.

AC ELF electric fields (also from your household wiring and appliances) are easy to shield, and need to be done a shielding material that is, itself, grounded.

Power flux density is the combined electric and magnetic fields of high frequencies or radio frequencies. This is from phone towers, cordless phones, wi-fi, and all other wireless equipment. These require a different type of shielding and care must be taken to position this carefully, as this type of EMF can bounce around.

An Example of Not Quite Getting it Right

I had previously audited a home and provided a detailed list, amongst my recommendations, for removing all wireless equipment. Another aspect of the solution was to install EMF shielding curtains to protect the occupants from the nearby phone tower.

Not long after installation, I was called back to check on things.

Every minute I measured a very high levels of radio frequencies, and then things quietened down.

I headed outside, climbing a ladder to be the same height as the affected room to ascertain where the source was. There was nothing.

I continued my investigations…

Upon returning to the affected room, I checked it carefully.

The source of the every-minute reading was the wireless mouse. This was the only thing that had not been replaced. I removed the batteries and turned off the computer. Everything was silent electrically.

What had been happening was that the wireless mouse and computer were connected, and emitting around 15,000 uW/m2 every minute while on standby. The curtains were blocking out (shielding) the incoming high frequencies from the phone tower, but also trapping inside the high frequencies from the wireless mouse and computer. The EMF was then bouncing off the shielding curtains and around the room, making it appear that the source was somewhere else.

My measurement was taken around 2m away from the computer and mouse, meaning that someone using the computer would be exposed to much higher levels.

Great Care is Needed When Shielding

As has been demonstrated, it is very easy to get things wrong – and details matter.

I have heard of people spending tens of thousands of dollars on shielding and their symptoms and sensitivities becoming worse – and this is why I got involved in learning more about shielding.

Please, recognise the complexity of shielding and go for a trained professional, not an experienced sales person. Then, make sure you have implemented everything your building biologist has advised you to.

If you have any concerns, please contact a qualified Building Biologist – you can find one close to you here.

Always look for the ASBB logo – the ASBB checks the qualifications of all Building Biologists.