Jeanette Williams Building Biology SydneyJeanette Williams, Building Biology Sydney

My pleasure and passion is helping people to create a home that supports the ongoing health and happiness of their family. I love this work because it is often the missing link which is overlooked when people are searching for answers regarding ongoing health issues. In my 7 years as a Building Biologist I have assessed hundreds of properties, both residential and commercial. People look to me when they can’t figure out why someone in the building is unwell or not responding to treatment. As a Building Biologist I am both detective and educator.

Since 2011 I have worked primarily as a consultant to Ecolibria which is a Melbourne based Building Biology Consultancy, and the largest in Australia. Whilst a large body of my work has been with mould, I am regularly called to perform electrical and chemical assessments. A Healthy Home Assessment will cover all potential areas of concern.

My desire is to expand my private practice in addition to my work with Ecolibria, establishing connections with local health professionals and ultimately working together to assist the chronically ill on their path to well wellness.

Our home is usually our most expensive asset, but our families are our most valuable. My passion is to ensure that the one supports the other.


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