Kelly AbelevenKelly Abeleven, Building Biology NSW

Kelly Abeleven, a Building Biologist (Advanced Diploma), certified Water Damage Restoration professional and speaker focuses with clients on optimal wellness principles in the home, schools and workplace.

Kelly is a advocate for children’s environmental health; in the home, schools, public buildings and the health of the planet. Kelly educates people to live in harmony with nature and to provide healthy, liveable, and low impact buildings with reduced EMF exposure, reduced allergens, less chemicals, and improved air and water quality. Kelly inspires her clients towards making lifestyle changes in their homes that significantly improve their health and the health of their family. She encourages the creation of natural and healthy environments that form the framework for our physical, mental and spiritual health. Kelly serves as the president of the Australasian Society of Building Biologists (ASBB).

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma of Building Biology

Servicing: NSW and Gold Coast

Phone: 0402 857 555