Tania Busslinger – West Coast Building Biology

Tania Busslinger is the director of West Coast Building Biology.

Tania completed her Diploma of Building Biology training at the Australian College of Environmental Studies under the guidance of Australia’s leading expert on healthy indoor environments, Nicole Bijlsma.

Tania is a local West-Australian, born and raised on a farm in the Avon Valley. She is the mother of three adult children, and a qualified fitness trainer. In her role as a Building Biologist Tania works with homeowners and renters, businesses, and professionals including doctors, naturopaths and people working in the fields of pregnancy and childhood.

Tania brings a friendly and caring style to her work as a Building Biologist and is passionate about helping people live long, healthy and productive lives. Tania is interested in helping couples before they have children and families create the healthiest home and environment possible.



  • Advanced Diploma of Building Biology


  • Southwest WA

Website: www.westcoastbuildingbiology.com.au

Phone: 0418 928 301

Email: info@buildingbiologywa.com.au