By Bronwyn Bennett

I recently attended a stunning property in rural Victoria for an EMR Audit and was fortunate to have Kara Kieley-Bragg attending with me. The audit was booked the previous day so no time for the usual questionnaire, I didn’t have a great deal of background knowledge, just the address and postcode for area research and checking the Oz Towers website for phone tower location.

Once onsite we met a lovely couple in their 30’s, they had lived at the property for 7 years. The house was 35 years old and custom built by an electrician. We sat at the kitchen table and discussed their reasons for instigating the audit. The husband runs a tech business and travels a lot, recently he had been suffering from memory loss, sleep issues, dull headaches and is overworked. He basically feels that something isn’t right. The wife was looking emotional and shared that they have suffered a miscarriage after numerous IVF cycles. For 5 years they had been trying everything to conceive a child and had consulted with all the experts, there was no obvious reason for their fertility issues.

We ran through the remaining questions and discussed the pets of the house. Two years earlier their great dane had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, he was consulting with a holistic vet and was on cbd oil and a raw diet. The dog had always slept on their bedroom floor.

The external audit commenced, the meter box is located on the external wall to the master bedroom. Upon opening the meter box, what a shock – 3 smart meters. The owners were unaware as to the Why? Of 3 smart meters. Directly in front of meter 312mG which dropped away at 50 cms. Using the Gigahertz HF59b every 20 seconds pulsed signals were received up to 187 mW. One smart meter was just for the hot water service.

The owners were concerned about the location of the smart meter and in the master bedroom had moved the bedhead so it wasn’t directly next to it. They described that every night at midnight they would hear a loud “clunk” from the meter box as the electric in floor slab heater would come on. It worked from midnight to 7 am daily then again between 3pm and 4 pm, to take the chill off at night. It was coming up to 3pm as we commenced the internal audit.

Our equipment was on the kitchen floor, and as we commenced the internal audit, my gauss meter was reading up to 400mG….I kid you not I wanted to jump up onto the table or leg it out the front door. The owners saw the look on my face, I am not a good poker player. The heater has 7 zones, and it consists of electric coils within the concrete slab. Throughout the house we took readings on the floor, waist and head height and on the beds: pillow, body and feet. Concentrating on where the couple spend time, the master bedroom was assessed. On the floor readings ranged from 80mG to 186mG, the bed was a meter above the floor, with readings on husbands side pillow 13.8mG, body 12.6mG and feet 13mG, wife was closest to the smart meter 1 metre away, pillow 16mG, body 15.7mG and feet 14.1mG. The dog slept between the bed and the external wall, right next to the smart meter, the tumour was on the side that faced the floor. The husband powered off the heater and the field disappeared. Such a relief. Low power throughout the housewas 0.2mG. The heater was never to be turned back on.

The importance of timing, we were fortunate to have been at the house when the heater was on, otherwise this crucial factor would have been missed. The clients are consulting with a naturopath, short term the master bedroom wall has been shielded with carbon paint. Long term the clients will endeavour to have the smart meters relocated and number of meters reduced.