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“Building Biology is the evaluation and control of health hazards in the built environment. This involves assessing the home for allergens, toxicants, electromagnetic fields and biotoxins unique to a water-damaged building, and providing strategies to address exposure and/or source control and abatement”. Nicole Bijlsma 

The ASBB are leaders in environmental health. Our mission is to support our members of the association by delivering value and service through training, information and collaboration. We work to enhance the profile of building biology services to government policy makers, the public, media, building and health practitioners.

We believe that building biology principles incorporated into mainstream building practice would vastly improve the buildings we live and work in. We advocate for the rights of individuals to live and work in healthy environments.

Building Biology although practised in Europe since the 70’s is a new and emerging field in environmental health in Australia. It explores the many health hazards that exist in our modern environments with an aim to provide advice and practical solutions to minimise these.

Our qualified members are here to educate and work with the public to create healthy environments guided by the 25 Principles of Building Biology and the precautionary principles which underpin it. Our values of service, integrity and collaboration, reflect these guiding principles and professional standards of our industry for the purpose of providing support, training and information for members and the public.

We hope you enjoy the site and we look forward to working with you to create a healthy home or workplace. Please contact one of our Building Biologists to ensure your environment is a healthy one.

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