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Cheryl Mead

Cheryl Mead, Wicked Homes Australia Pty Ltd

Wellness Inspired Construction, Knowledge & Environmental Design is a scientific methodology used to create healthy homes and workplaces.

Wicked Homes are naturally smarter and safer in the long run.


Preliminary planning and design – passive design and a lower environmental footprint

New home building and refurbishments

Product selection & material specifications

Healthy building and construction methods

EMF/EMR Audits & Pre-purchase/Rental inspections

Mould Testing & Healthy Home Audits

Geobiology Site & Home Assessments


Advanced Diploma of Building Biology
Diploma Business Management
Local Government experience
35+ years experience working in the building industry


Victoria and Tasmania
Sydney NSW on demand

Website: wickedhomes.com.au

Phone: 0487 633 771

Email: hello@wickedhomes.com.au

ASBB Committee Member: Membership Officer 2016 – 2019