Mikala Dind, Give a Girl a Go

I lived in a mouldy home for over a decade and experienced health impacts as a result. I then spent several years unsuccessfully trying to rectify the issue, after which I finally decided to become a building biologist in order to learn what to do. Together with my training, I was able to figure out the multiple causes of mould in my home and how to resolve each one. As a result my health improved.

I enjoy helping others to do the same in their homes by sharing with them what I learned. I also advise in respect of new builds (to avoid mould-creating pitfalls), as well as prospective rentals or purchases.

I am also passionate about reducing our exposure to electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies, again due to personally experiencing the health impacts (tinnitus) and learning how to reduce the effects.


I qualified in December 2016 and have been working part time since then with mould and EMF/RF audits.

I also lecture in mould avoidance.


Certificate IV in Building Biology
IICRC Certified in Water Damage Restoration


NSW – Central Coast, Newcastle

Phone: 0424 586 610

Email: mikaladind@gmail.com