Senri Oiso, Balanced Building Biology

Area of Special Interest: Mould & EMF assessments, 5G Testing, 5G / small cell antenna installations, Light/Artificial Light

As a scientist and former IT engineer who is sensitive to both mould and EMFs, I fell into this field of Building Biology to help others. All too often, we assume things are safe because its commercially available. Health is an after-thought. The “mainstream following” should not be applied. We are all unique individuals and therefore, we all react differently. Yet, in most cases, we eventually reach a toxic exposure threshold where we “fill our bucket” and the health symptoms become very apparent or very debilitating. I’m here to help you avoid that.


  • Mould & Moisture
  • EMF, Advanced EMF – can cover dirty electricity, RF frequencies up to 40GHz, Lighting
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Geobiology / Geopathic Stress Assessments – the Germans do this for every home that’s built or sold.

Also trained and certified in:

  • Feng Shui
  • Chinese Astrology / Bazi


  • NSW (Sydney metro/regional NSW)
  • ACT


Phone: 0406736802