What to look for in a Practitioner

Is your practitioner certified?

All Building Biologists who have obtained an Advanced Diploma in Building Biology have completed a two year full time / four year part time course consisting of ten core subjects and one elective subject which is approximately 1,800 hours in duration. This is the first and only government accredited course of its kind in Australia that provides the knowledge and the skills to work as a professional Building Biologist at the highest level.



Certified Building Biologists are trained to identify and address health hazards in the built environment (residential) from mould and electromagnetic fields to allergens, chemical, gas and particulates using the latest technology. All practitioners have completed their courses at The Australian College of Environmental Studies


Some Building Biologists will have obtained a Cert IV in Building Biology and will be upgrading to the Advanced Diploma certification. Areas of specialty include Mould, EMFs, Drinking Water, Chemicals Indoor Air Quality and other areas of interest.



What to expect from a Building Biology Assessment

Home assessments can take between 2-4 hours to complete, on site.



Most Building Biologists will provide their clients with a Questionnaire to complete, a bit like when your doctor takes your health history, unless they do this with you over the phone or in person. Your allocated budget should also be discussed and a written report should always be provided.

Mould and Moisture Assessments


Please check that your Building Biologist has completed the Advanced Mould Training as indicated on the directory. Any Building Biologist who has completed the Advanced Diploma will have already completed the Advanced Mould Training.

Your assessment should always include:

            • Moisture Mapping using a moisture meter to find the source of moisture
            • Thermal imaging using a thermal imaging camera
            • Assessment of indoor psychrometrics (humidity & temperature)
            • Outdoor visual inspection
            • Indoor visual inspection
            • Advice and recommendations in a written report

Some of the equipment you should expect a Building Biologist or Mould Testing Technician to use include: