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Triin-Liis Treial, House Healing Solutions

Triin-Liis Harma

Triin-Liis Treial is a certified Building Biologist and the founder of House Healing Solutions.

Residential Services Offered:
Whole Home Audit
EMF Audit
Mould/Moisture Audit
Building Design Consultations
Pre-sale and Pre-purchase Audits
Sleep Sanctuary and Nursery Planning Consultations

Commercial Services Offered:
Office/Workplace Audit
Building Design Consultation
Pre-sale and Pre-purchase Audit
WELL AP™ Consultation

Additional Services Offered:
Prism’s IAQ Home Survey™
Tobacco Smoke Check
Water Sampling
Mould Sampling
Methamphetamine testing
Soil Sampling
Egg testing for OCPs

Triin-Liis combines her knowledge from building biology and The WELL Building Standard and consults one-on-one to homeowners, tenants, parents and soon-to-be parents, the environmentally and chemically and/or electrically sensitive, builders, architects, and commercial building owners, and integrate several fields into a holistic approach to the healthy home or office.


Advanced Diploma of Building Biology
Certificate IV in Feng Shui
Bachelor of International Business and Tourism Management

Perth and surroundsRest of Western Australia (on request)South Australia (on request; will incur extra costs as travelling from Perth)International consultations via Skype/email

Contact: 044 981 7037